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Welcome to Paynes Energy Solutions

Paynes Energy Solutions are professional MCS & REAL Registered renewable energy installers of Solar Panels, Air Source Heat Pumps, Ground Source Heat Pumps & Central Heating in Sussex and to all parts of the United Kingdom

Paynes Energy Solutions are renewable energy and central heating experts with over 30 years of experience. We install renewable energy and central heating systems to all parts of the United Kingdom.

We are able to design, install, commission and maintain renewable energy systems (such as Solar Panels, Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps & Central Heating systems). Due to our over 30 years experience and engineering background we are able to offer unbiased, professional advice. This will always be based on the most cost effective and efficient solution for our customers, along with a high level of knowledge and competence.


With over three decades of experience in the central heating industry we are able to integrate renewable technology into your existing central heating system.

We can also provide our customers with an after care service that many companies cannot provide. Whether you require a service or a repair, we will be on hand to keep your system working!

Paynes Energy Solutions are MCS, REAL, Gas Safe, NICEIC, OFTEC & HETAS registered meaning we can work on systems that run off of natural gas, electricity, LPG, oil and solid fuel. We also carry full public liability insurance

Feed in Tariffs
The Feed in Tariffs scheme is where you are paid for every kilowatt hour (khw) you generate, whether you use the electricity or not. Not only will you be paid for using electricity but you will recieve a payment for the electricity that you export to the national grid. <more>

Solar Panels (Solar PV)
Not only can you provide energy for your home but solar photovoltaics (Solar PV) are rapidly becoming one of the most secure financial investments you can make. <more>

Solar Photovoltiac Servicing
We service Solar Panel systems all across the United Kingdom <more>

Energence Energy Monitoring
Track how much power your solar PV system is generating, how much you are using and how much you are exporting. <more>

Heat Pumps
A heat pump is an appliance that transfers thermal energy from one location to another location. They are an efficient and space saving solution for providing heating that is more efficient and cost effective than using conventional Gas or Oil Boilers. <more>

Central Heating
When you are having a renewable energy system installed into your property it is vital that the installers are not only knowledgeable with renewable energy systems but also have the skill to incorporate your new renewable energy system with your existing central heating system. <more>

Solar Thermal
Solar Thermal is a renewable energy technology that generates domestic hot water using the sun. The process is the same as leaving a glass bottle of water on your windowsill with sunlight beaming down on it. The solar thermal system will heat up the water using sunlight and then pump this water into a hot water cylinder and then either a boiler or an immersion heater will top up the waters temperature. This means you will use far less fuel when you have a solar thermal system intergrated into your existing water heating system. <more>

Where We Work
A common question that we get asked is what towns or cities do we work in? Over the past few years we have seen a massive expansion of our renewable energy business. Although we are based in East Sussex we install renewable energy systems such as photovoltaic (Solar PV), ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, solar thermal & Central Heating to the entire United Kingdom <more>



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